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Imagine If?...

you lived in a world where your creativity matters, your ideas are valued, there are no limits only breakthroughs? What if people saw you past your credentials and embraced your wonder, curiosity and we encouraged each other to be dreamers?

That’s what I create.

Tired of booking the same people every year to motivate your masses? Been there.
Need a radical new take on a familiar topic? I know the feeling.
Bored at your convenings and seeking innovation to spark new thinking? I can relate.

I spoke at my first high school graduation in 2005 and since then I have been inspiring audiences globally. Today, I know what it takes to capture the hearts and minds of your audience and bring them alive again.


to the #GregCorbinSpeaks Experience!

It’s time to come alive.

Have you been struggling to stay engaged with your meaningful work? Do you need support in your communication strategies? Not sure how to create the shift in mindset you need to accomplish your biggest goals?

I’ve been there too. That’s why I can tell you from experience...There’s likely one thing missing.
Can you guess what it is? Let me show you.

Either you know who and what you stand for, or you need help figuring it out. It’s that simple.

That’s how I went from being fearful, people-pleasing and always saying “yes” to understanding my inherent value and becoming a fearless agent of change.

The clarity of your communication doesn’t come from repressing, it comes from expressing.

Watch #GregCorbinSpeaks in action below. 


I’ll help you identify what’s truly holding you back from unearthing your creativity!


See exactly how to craft your intentions and bring your compassion and honesty to the forefront!


Learn step-by-step strategy on how to face your fears and unleash your authenticity! 


Greg is an inspirational speaker and leader. He can motivate an audience and knows how to hold an energy space. He is excellent at creating an open and safe space for others to share. He is a voice of love, leadership, vulnerability and truth.

Jeff Pulver - Tech Innovator

Greg is an amazing speaker, poet, organizer, and healer. His work is beyond needed, it's what we all have been looking for in a community leader. When you book Greg, you are booking a thought-partner who will deepen everyone's understanding.

Bettina Love, Ph.D. - Author

Greg is a powerful speaker and advocate for young people. He knows how to bring adults along for the journey, and all will be captivated by his energy and wisdom.

Chris Lehmann - Founder

Greg provides a space for you to dig deep into who you are at your core and find who you have always dreamed of becoming. This can help to unlock the potential within a team, a division or even a company. Highly recommended.

John Graham - Sr. Manager Employer Branding

                                                                       dig deep into who you are at your core and find who you have always dreamed of becoming. This can help to unlock the potential within a team, a division or even a company. Highly recommended.


Greetings, I’m Greg Corbin, and I founded Philly Youth Poetry Movement™ to help young people build confidence and activate the power of their voices through creative writing and storytelling. I’m the creator of #ImaginationActivist, a series of interactive keynotes and workshops that help people express their creativity, access their intuition and confidently activate their voice.

I’ve been an Educator and Poet for over 15 years and have helped nonprofit and for-profit organizations and individuals transform the power of their story by unleashing their authenticity so they can live fearlessly and show up honestly doing the work they love. 


more about me

Internationally-acclaimed Poet gracing stages with Michael Eric Dyson, Black Thought, Sonia Sanchez

Civically-engaged Hip Hop Educator impacted over 50,000 students

Culturally-relative Facilitator given over 500 keynotes, workshops, performances

Movement Builder creating space for 3,500 social innovators to activate the power of their voices

Human-centered Professional Leadership Development Coach for 50+ schools and organizations 

As an experienced storyteller and facilitator I have navigated both non-profit and for-profit spaces to share my gift.

I truly understand the power of word. I have successfully moved through tough conversations with authenticity and compassion.

As I continued my journey I found fewer and fewer constructive conversations about how we can build relationships as a community. I know how difficult it can be to feel left out and misunderstood.

I know our words can both create and destroy: it’s all about the choices we make in the moment. I want to be your guide as you navigate these personal and professional moments to bring your full self utilizing your full range of intelligence and compassion.





Want my help crafting your unique journey towards compassionate
leadership and vibrant vulnerability, authenticity and creativity?


“Mr. Corbin is a phenomenal orator. He carries vast knowledge across science, the arts, education and wellness. Incredible session. Can’t wait to have him back!”

JeNell LaRue - Administrative Leadership 

Let’s connect @gregcorbinspeaks


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